5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Fibroblast

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By Suresh Kumar, CFT

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is quickly becoming the trusted alternative to Botox and, for many, a viable, affordable and safer alternative to plastic surgery.

One of the most common questions I get from my clients is, “what do I need to do before I come in for my fibroblast treatment?” Ironically, when it comes to fibroblast skin tightening, what you DO NOT do prior to your treatment is what’s most important.

Below I will go over the top 5 things you need to know before getting a fibroblast plasma skin tightening treatment…

  1. Retinols: Do not use any Retinol products 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  2. Accutane: You must wait 1 year following your last use of Accutane prior to getting fibroblast skin tightening treatment.
  3. Sun Exposure: Limit sun exposure 1 week prior to getting fibroblast treatment. Sun-burned or extremely tanned skin cannot be treated for 8 weeks.
  4. Make-up / Moisturizers: Ensure your skin in clean and dry when arriving to your fibroblast plasma skin tightening appointment. This helps speed up the skin-prep process.
  5. Clear Your Schedule: Do not schedule anything immediately following your treatment. Although there is no “down time” following your treatment, you don’t want to be looking at the clock because you have somewhere to be. Your fibroblast experience should be a relaxing one. It’s your first step to looking and feeling 10 years younger. Don’t take away from the experience by incorporating stress. Come in, sit back and relax. Beauty takes time. This is precisely why in my practice you will never see another fibroblast client sitting in my waiting room as you walk out the door. My schedule is cleared accordingly for each and every client. You do not want your technician looking at clock either as they are working on your face.

If you’re considering fibroblast plasma skin tightening remember, the most important aspect to getting the results you desire that will last for years is finding the right technician. Be sure you only entrust your face and/or body to a Certified Fibroblast Technician that has been properly trained, is fully insured and has adequate experience in their practice. Ask them to see photos of the results of previous clients. Little things like this are important when making a decision like this.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions. Should you have others, please do not hesitate a single second to contact my office directly. You can call us at (561) 621-4831 or email us at info@coastallongevity.com

And remember, just because you’re a work in progress, it doesn’t mean you’re not already a work of art!

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