Could NAD+ Be The Ultimate Anti-Aging Hack?

Could NAD+ Be The Ultimate Anti-Aging Hack?

By Catherine Dudick MD FACS

NAD+ is a coenzyme which is essential to your body’s basic cellular functions. It’s the gas to your cells’ car and without it, vital functions don’t run…you can’t make energy (ATP) or metabolize the food you eat.

As we age the body’s level of NAD+ drops significantly and we feel the associated decline in our energy, our resilience to stress, and our ability to heal. That’s why replacing it through IV infusion is an exciting new treatment showing promise in treating chronic fatigue, age related chronic illness, premature aging, stress induced states and even addiction.

IV NAD+ treatment can restore your levels quickly and help your body increase cellular energy production, support healthy cellular metabolism, and enhance cellular repair. It’s all natural, and it’s something your bodyTreatment protocols are designed specifically for your needs and may range from 1 to 15 sessions, and can be augmented by vitamin infusions to help restore your well being fully.

You CAN get your energy back. You CAN get your power back. You CAN be young again. If being young, energized and vibrant again is what you want I recommend IV NAD+.

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