Fibroblast vs Microneedling

Fibroblast Cheek Lift
Fibroblast Cheek Lift

By Suresh Kumar, CFT

Since so many people have been asking, I decided to write a dedicated article about the differences between Fibroblast and microneedling. Both procedures have their benefits. However, the procedures themselves are very different.


The goal of microneedling is to encourage your body to produce more collagen. Tiny pinpricks from the procedure cause slight trauma to the skin and the body, in turn, responds by producing collagen. The new skin tissue produced is more even in tone and texture.

As we age, collagen production naturally declines. This can lead to sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots and un-even skin tone. By encouraging the body to make new, collagen-rich tissue, the hope is to help reduce or minimize the aforementioned conditions.

“To maintain the results of microneedling treatment, you’ll need multiple sessions and perhaps other complementing treatments.” (Healthline)

Microneedling treatments can range anywhere from $200 to $700. The average cost for a microneedling procedure is $300 per session. 

Although microneedling can induce a collagen production response, there is limited evidence that it significantly tightens loose, sagging skin or helps eliminates deep wrinkles or fine lines. There is, however, solid evidence that it does help soften skin and even skin tone.


Fibroblast is a innovative skin tightening procedure which utilizes a tiny electrical arc to trigger a contraction and tightening of the skin and skin cells. This tiny electrical arc essentially creates a microscopic burn on the surface of the skin. These are the tiny dots you may have seen in photos of the procedure.

This micro trauma not only triggers an instant tightening of the skin but also signals the body to produce and send collagen to the treated areas to begin the healing process. This healing process also encourages the regeneration of cells in the treated areas. The subsequent result is noticeable tightening of skin, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, more even skin tone and softer skin.

How long does fibroblast treatments last? Results can last anywhere from 3-5 years or more. The longevity of the results depends heavily on how well you take care of your skin post treatment. Reduced exposure to the sun, taking our recommended collagen supplement and maintaining minimum daily hydration is very important to making your fibroblast results last for years.

Over 97% of fibroblast clients only require one treatment. Repeated treatments are typically not required because the initial treatments are highly effective. In certain cases of extreme loose skin or deep wrinkles, a second treatment is recommended.

The photo shown here is the result after just one treatment. This particular client of Coastal Longevity Institute (Florida) was extremely pleased with her results but wanted a second treatment to the area for even better results. Subsequent treatments can be done 12 weeks after the initial treatment. 


Miconeedling is a great option for maintenance of skin. However, microneedling is said to not do much for already existing loose skin and deep wrinkles. Microneedling can produce positive results for those with fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Fibroblast is a true, non-surgical alternative to more expensive and risky procedures. When it comes to significant tightening of loose skin and reduction of deep wrinkles (and fine lines), fibroblast plasma skin tightening is a trusted and safe alternative. 

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Fibroblast skin tightening and if this safer, more natural and less expensive alternative to plastic surgery is right for you.

About the author: Suresh Kumar is widely recognized as one of the top Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening technicians in the country. A pre-med graduate from university in New York City, Suresh trained and became certified in Fibroblast under the world-renowned Privé Academy in Slovenia. Suresh has quickly become the trusted Certified Fibroblast Technician to people all across the country. Suresh understands that your face is your livelihood and your unique identity but many of us desire to look as young as we feel. That is why he spends nearly double the amount of time on each and every client, from consult to procedure, to ensure superior results and satisfaction. Cleanliness and precision are the hallmarks of his practice. Suresh can be reached via email at

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