Is IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Worth It?

Is IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Worth It?

By Dr. Catherine Dudick, MD, FACS

Vitamins and minerals allow our bodies to build, maintain and repair healthy tissue. But even when eating good foods, absorbing these from our diet depends on a healthy intestinal tract. So in states of high stress, injury and illness, and chronic disease, our bodies are often not getting what they need. Additionally, as in the case of Vitamin C, no matter how much you take by mouth, there is a rate limiting step in uptake that limits the vitamin’s concentration in the bloodstream. The rest is eliminated, unused.

But IV Vitamin therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing intestinal absorption and allowing high concentrations not achievable when taken orally. In the case of Vitamin C, IV administration can give blood levels 100 times higher and it’s this concentration that’s been shown to be toxic to tumor cells.

IV Vitamin therapy and hydration allows rapid delivery of critical elements your body needs to stay young and healthy. The average treatment takes 30-45 minutes, and the benefit is often felt during infusion and can last several weeks. As you feel better and get healthier, the treatment effect can last even longer.

And the benefit is not only felt by your body! Treatments can help clear brain fog and mental exhaustion leading to a sense of ease and enhanced creativity. IV vitamin therapy is a simple, natural and effective way to keep you energized, young and vibrant. You maintain your home, your car and the other important things in your life…doesn’t your mind and body deserve as much? Indeed…you’re worth it!

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