What are some of the Risks?

It is hard to come across a medical modification that does not have any side effects. Even the most robust techniques, in one way, have a little dose of negativities. When it comes to IV Vitamin therapy, there are a few risks which can turn ugly when the doctors do not do the process precisely. Visit this link for more information.

Risk of Infection

Since the treatment involves IV insertion in the body, it poses high chances of infection. The fact that it is a direct injection to the bloodstream, it bypasses the body’s defence mechanism against bacteria. As such, you are likely to contract other undesirable diseases. Infection as a result of this process is very minimal when a medical professional does the procedure carefully. However, when a quack treats you, you are at risk. Read about Application of IV Vitamin Therapy here.

Adverse Resulting Effects

When you receive too much of a specific vitamin or mineral in the process of treatment, you are at risk of adverse effects. The effects may include heart attack, which can turn out fatal. People with underlying conditions such as blood or heart conditions risk experiencing fluid overload during the process. 

Generally, the body can fail to absorb or digest excessive levels of vitamins and minerals. 

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