What is Fibroblast Therapy Procedure in Manasquan, NJ?

The most important function of Fibroblast Therapy in Manasquan, NJ is to reduce and eliminate fibroids. When a woman has fibroids, this tissue can clump together and form a fibroid which may not grow. It can then get trapped inside the body or even grow into other parts of the body. This may cause pain to the woman as well as the menstrual cycle changes. Fibroblasts are not dangerous in nature but when they grow to be very large it becomes a problem. Visit this link for more information.
Fibroblast therapy involves using the Fibroblast Stimulator to kill the fibroblasts and thus prevent them from growing. They also use chemotherapy drugs that are injected into the abdominal area or into the womb. The main goal of Fibroblast Therapy is to shrink the fibroblasts by removing the tissue which helps them grow. Once they are removed, the fibroblasts can not grow back, which means that they will shrink. Read about Fibroblast Therapy Procedure in Manasquan, NJ here.

The treatment is not permanent but if the fibroid growth is not too large then it can be treated. Another way of reducing fibroid growth is through the use of Surgery. Surgery will kill all the cells in the fibroid making it unable to reproduce. The fibroid tissue will then die, leaving no more fibroblasts to grow again. When fibroblasts are removed from the body, a woman may also be given after surgery to remove them. However, the fibroblasts are often re-infused with blood, which may increase the risk of infection.

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